Tenant’s FAQ’s

What is your pet policy?

We require a pet deposit of $175 per pet.  This deposit is fully refundable unless we have to use it for issues related to your pet (ie pet smell, urine, fleas, etc)  There will inevitably be a flea treatment charge unless you provide a receipt from a professional company showing it was […]

What is considered an emergency maintenance request?

As defined by Texas Property Code, an emergency is anything that is detrimental to your health or safety.  Typically this means backed up sewage into your unit, uncontrollable water pipe breaks (You should know where the water shut-off valve is located).   Your air condition or heating is not considered an emergency but we will address […]

What happens if I pay my rent late?

As per your lease agreement rent is due on the 1st of every month.  We provide a grace period to the 3rd but if rent is not received by before midnight on the 3rd you will incur late fees.  Thus, you are charged 5% of your rental rate starting on the 4th of the month and 2% every […]

What is the process if I have to break my lease?

We understand that situations can arise where you must terminate your lease contract before the end of the term.  However, if you must break your lease there is a proper way to do so in order to preserve your credit and rental history.  In section 27B: DEFAULT you will find a list of tenant liabilities […]

How are tenants screened and qualified through your firm?

APT provides extensive screening of criminal, credit and rental history of tenants through Appfolio and Transunion.  We also do employment verification with the applicants current employer and rental verification with their current landlord or management company. If you would like to review our qualification criteria prior to applying you can find it within our lease application […]