Are you an investor that hoped to be able to manage his/her own property but are now dealing with a headache tenant who won’t pay the rent? Are you wondering how to proceed with removing the tenant properly and lawfully?

Evicting a tenant in Texas can be costly to do by yourself. Court appearances take time and learning the ins and outs of the eviction process can be cumbersome. What should you do?

Austin Property Team has experience in “relieving” landlords of this burden and recovering properties from unwanted tenants.

How much will an eviction cost me?

Not counting the money you are losing daily on the rent, we will provide our eviction services for a flat fee of $200 plus actual expenses. After we sign a management agreement, we will engage our services on your behalf to start or pick-up the eviction process. Expenses for a simple eviction usually run between $200 to $400 and depends on how quickly the tenant vacates the premises.

 Post eviction repairs

Our knowledgeable trades can make repairs, clean and make your unit rent ready in a short amount of time. We will coordinate the activities needed as part of the services covered in our management contract. We will provide you with complimentary pictures of the inspection of the property which will enable you to see exactly what work needs to be done.

 This service is available only as part of our ongoing property management agreement.

  • Evicting the current tenants
  • Clean up the property and get it “ready to rent” for the next tenant, using our vendors at your expense
  • We will market the property
  • Find, screen and lease to a new tenant at our normal rate
  • Manage that tenant and your property at our normal rate

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