APT base’s their management fee on the condition of the property, location and rental amount.  Our rates typically average between 8-10% of the gross monthly rents collected.  Obviously discounts are provided for multiple properties and large apartment buildings.  Our leasing commission is 80% of the first month’s rent which we use to pay the tenants leasing agent.  We charge a flat fee of $150 for lease renewals.  We provide an on-staff maintenance technician at $40/hr for handyman work.  If the repairs require a “specialty” technician such as HVAC, electrical or plumbing repairs the invoice is passed to the owners at no additional mark-up.   APT charges an initial $40 service call fee to cover drive time and purchasing of materials.

Our management fee covers the tasks below:

  • Collecting rents
  • Complete monthly bookkeeping including year-end 1099 tax forms
  • Coordination of all maintenance issues with on-call 24/7 emergency service
  • Serving document to tenants for breaches of lease, vacate notices and other tenant related correspondence
  • filing evictions

Additional services we perform above our normal management services listed above are:

  • Court Appearances
  • Administration of specialty maintenance services
  • Multiple bids on repairs needed
  • Government Agency disputes
  • “For Sale” showings, inspections and other listing requirements unless its listed with APT.