Our firm believes in regular communication with our owners.  We want our investors to be provided with as much information about their property as possible.  By providing this information to our owners we save them and us time on phone calls and monthly emails back and forth.  Therefore, we include several reports with our month end statements.  These reports point out and summarize important happenings during that period.   In addition, through our website is a portal that owners can login to see their monthly statements, work orders and receipts associated with their property.   We work really hard to collect and distribute this information to our owners on a monthly basis and encourage them to take the time to review this material carefully.  We anticipate the information we provide is specific and detailed enough for our owners to get a really clear picture of their investment each month.  However, we understand that questions or mistakes may arise during this process and we welcome our investors to call or email to discuss any questions they might need answered.