No. we ask that our owners have absolutely no communication with their tenants.  Below are several reasons why:

  • Tenants will go directly to owner and not Management Company for issues but owner expects management company to fix them.
  • Loose creditability with tenants because they communicate directly with owner and our guidelines are not followed.
  • Rents should be deposited through us directly so ledger reflects appropriate balances when/if eviction trial is necessary
  • Correspondence between tenant and owner can be used in court and it’s possible we won’t have all the correspondence from the owner prior to court.
  • If rent is deposited directly to owner we can not take out maintenance costs related to previous month and then have to try and collect from owner.
  • If rent is not collect by management then late charges cannot be collected either.  If tenant refuses to pay late charged management can allocate portion of rent towards late fees and evict based on non-payment of rent.  Evictions cannot be made on late fees or utilities balances.