APT is comprised of licensed Realtors and with that comes access to the multi-listing system (MLS).  This database is a valuable resource when determining rental rates in a certain area.  The MLS provides a true outlook on market consumption and not an estimated number determine by one of the popular search sites such as Zillow.   After we determine a starting point based on the recent leased properties in your area we add or subtract based on condition of the property (ie carpet, paint, exterior,etc)

It is our professional opinion that pricing a rental at a slightly below market value is a better option than over pricing the market and losing rental income on a daily basis.  Of course, the current state of the rental market in Austin Texas will determine that.  The longer a property sits the more money an investor loses or doesn’t keep in his pocket.

We provide extensive marketing through online rental sites and drive-by technology signage.  We are members of several online rental sites as well.  A few examples include rentalhomepros.com, hotpads.com, oodle.com, rentalhomesplus.com, apartments.com, etc.